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1 single idea to get professional

From my stand point, there’s no formula to changing a career or finding a good job. I really don’t see how such a thing as 5 tips, or 7 rules, or 12 steps might get you on track for real. What I see is that there are some basic practices that are essential to just about anything you’ll want in life, like organization, discipline, preparation, communication, knowledge, attitude, objective, and planning. But those are not tips, rules, nor steps at all. Those are ways of life; things one should practice in their everyday lives.

But then again, there’s counseling all over telling you to get your ass off of the chair, do this, do that, check on a list, and go find a company that give you the best of money, environment, and projects, and also share your values so you’ll get fulfillment. I think different.

You see, when you pass by a beggar on the street, you may or may not give him a dime, but if you do so, you’ll instantaneously feel better just for the act; now if you don’t, you’ll either feel nothing or feel bad ⸻there’s no way you’ll feel good about not giving.

Why is that?

It’s because we can only find fulfillment in giving! That’s how we’re hardwired. You have to “buy” fulfillment. It will never be given to you. And by “you have to buy” I mean there’s gotta be some relevant effort on your end to get it. So, finding a company that share your values might bring you some fulfillment to the extent that you’ll take part in a business that give somebody something. But how comfortable and easy is that, like getting wheels already in motion and just take it up smoothly from there?

Wanna find real fulfillment?

How about you go work for that very company that is not quite doing those great things you think every company should do and try to talk them into turning their sails towards a more responsible and rewarding wind that we’ll bring a higher cleaner profit, plus harmony and relevance to the society or at least part of it?

Or how about you start your own company on those same terms?

How much fulfillment do you think you could get from really putting yourself out to give somebody something?

Well, that’s just one single idea to get professional fulfillment.

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