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How much are you worth?

Value is a bitch.

I’m talking about something taken as objective but that’s rather subjective and relative. Value is actually NOTHING by itself.

Something or someone is only as much valuable as that they subtract or add to a certain context. And that will be a byproduct of the perception of those crediting the very value.

Perception is so deceiving that people have been trying to change core things in life just by changing their names and adding a different concept or semantics to it with no actual change performed. Surprisingly enough, they’ve been kinda successful in such endeavor only because reality is also a byproduct of the perception of those they try to influence.

I mean, in 1967, a company’s administrative manager in Brazil decided to implement a new work system they named “Home Work”. He would entitle some of the employees to work in the comfort of their homes, communicating through a 100-pound-telegraphic-printed-message machine called Telex they were provided with by the very administration. It worked marvelously but no other company would adhere to the practice because they couldn’t even think of the absurd it'd be not knowing what time and how their employees were doing their jobs.

Now, some 50 years later, the same kind of “smart business people” are bragging about how revolutionary has the “Home Office” been since the pandemic got us by the throat, just because the context’s demands had them realize control is not an issue. And everybody buys it as a “new” trend.

The fact that it takes us around 50 years to actually see an intelligent move because they sound or look too far away from the standard models show us how perception is a dangerous tool to rely on. Especially when we know the World is turning fluid by the minute and only quick and deep changes will save you a spot out of the shadow.

Business changes are a constant now. The job market is in permanent metamorphosis, making cycles faster and more subtle. So, most of the jobs you know now won’t even exist in ten years and the most important jobs then are yet to be invented. That affects everyone of us, no matter your ambition (or lack of it), for there will be no safe ground anymore.

So, my tip to you is watch out!

If you’re comfortable with your career and job and would like to remain like this up until retirement, be aware of the trends in your field and market, as well as of the movements of your company. That way you can recycle, renew, and enhance your qualifications, potential, and performance just enough to keep yourself useful to your company or clients.

Now, if you are driven to development, improvement, changes, meaning, and fulfillment, you gotta deeply understand yourself, engage in knowing better the people around you, get a broad picture of the environment and context your act will take place, establish your objective, and carefully plan your moves towards your goals in order to have people willing to do business with you.

Only that way you’ll be able to establish your own value.


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